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The Three Pronged Approach for your Best Option in selling your Arizona home Fast

Three pronged approach
Three Options to selling your home fast in Arizona by Mark Organek and Brad Boren of Heritage Capital
  1.  Fast Track Traditional Sale – This option is the normal way of selling your home.  It will be a traditional listing.  Many times, this option should be selected by you because it will get you the most money for your home with the least amount of hassle.  Consider the fact that many people that inherit a home or want to sell their house fast usually will need 10-15 days to get out.  That is plenty of time to get it under contract quickly.  This is the “go to” option that we want to help you with so you can get the most money for your home.  Of course, you have the other two options below that you can use through Mesa Arizona’s Heritage Capital, Brad Boren.
  2. Repair Assistance Agreement – This is one that is used quite frequently when we help people sell their Arizona real estate probate home that they just inherited.  On this option you tell us what another company such as the one that buys ugly houses said they will pay for your home in its “As-Is” condition.  What we do is have the property remodeled for you and then sell it at maximum retail value.  You get the base amount that you were offered on the low side from a company that buys Arizona Homes for Cash Quickly.  The contractor gets paid their money for the remodel work from Heritage Capital.  You will take the final sales price, subtract from it your money and the remodel money (as well as any closing costs) and the rest of the money is split between the estate and Heritage Capital Equity division.
  3. Quick Cash for your Arizona Home – You can sell your Arizona home for cash quickly.  We will take an estimate of market value AFTER REPAIRS (basically what a remodeled home will sell for at the highest).  We then take that maximum retail number and multiply it by 80% to get “wholesale value after remodel” and from there, we deduct the repair estimate to determine the cash offer price.  This is usually done within 15 minutes of speaking with you and getting some general information.

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