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Probate help for Tucson Arizona Real Estate Paul B. Bartlett, P.C.

Easy to understand introduction by property investor Mark Organek regarding probate help for real estate related issues in Tucson Arizona as read and quoted from Paul B. Bartlett, P.C. tucsonelderlaw.com website.

Mr. Paul Bartlett can help you understand probate.  Some kind of way he seems to have been able to retain a sense of humor even after receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1972. He earned his Juris Doctor from Syracuse College of Law in 1975.

Now many of you know that we buy houses quick for cash in Tucson Arizona and by now, it is possible that we have helped one of your friends or neighbors with an ugly housing situation when they needed to sell their house or home.  It seems often that there are probate issues so when we make our offer to purchase your probate house for cash quick in Tucson Arizona we would like you to speak with an attorney.  This Paul Bartlett attorney has some pretty easy to understand explanations for parts of the probate process.  Call me at 602-790-0607 if you have questions about selling your home or watch the video below to learn how we calculate the value of your Arizona Probate Homes for Sale Value Calculator in Tucson.

Do you have probate questions that need answering?  I’ve never met Paul Bartlett of Paul B. Bartlett, P.C. who is an attorney in Tucson Arizona that seems pretty funny.  Here is something that he wrote regarding why the courts get involved or why there is a probate process:

“Why is a court in charge of estate administration after death?

“The normal way that we transfer ownership of property that comes with a title is to sign the title over to someone else.  An example is signing the back of your car title to transfer it to a purchaser.  After a person dies, signing their name becomes a little difficult (unless you are from Chicago where for years the people in the cemeteries voted).  And so it becomes necessary for a Court to authorize another individual called a “Personal Representative” to sign transfers of titled property on behalf of the decedent.”  Bartlett, Paul B. “Why is a court in charge of estate administration after death?” tucsonelderlaw.com, 19 January 2016.

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