Tucson AZ Wholesale Property List Now has links to the specials

We finally can now link properties from the archive page to the website that was built for investors or handyman specials or fixer-upper properties that are great deals on homes in Tucson Arizona.  Prior to that we couldn’t figure out how to get the links on the page.  After meeting with Brad Boren the owner of Heritage Capital, LLC we were able to get a website built that would allow us to get things done.

It took so much of a discussion that I must have had three things of iced tea from QuikTrip and I’m still going to the bathroom.  Check it out if you have the time.  If you don’t, I can understand.  Sorry about the short post about the resource for the list of wholesale properties that Heritage Capital has in Tucson for investors looking for the opportunity to own homes for under $150,000.00 as I have to go to the bathroom again.  Thank you for clicking the link to read about the resource for homes that may be a great value for Arizona investors below:

Tucson AZ Wholesale Property List Star Property and Archive Arizona – We list one star property for sale in Tucson that is great for investors at the top a

Source: Tucson AZ Wholesale Property List Star Property and Arc


Probate help for Tucson Arizona Real Estate Paul B. Bartlett, P.C.

Easy to understand introduction by property investor Mark Organek regarding probate help for real estate related issues in Tucson Arizona as read and quoted from Paul B. Bartlett, P.C. tucsonelderlaw.com website.

Mr. Paul Bartlett can help you understand probate.  Some kind of way he seems to have been able to retain a sense of humor even after receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1972. He earned his Juris Doctor from Syracuse College of Law in 1975.

Now many of you know that we buy houses quick for cash in Tucson Arizona and by now, it is possible that we have helped one of your friends or neighbors with an ugly housing situation when they needed to sell their house or home.  It seems often that there are probate issues so when we make our offer to purchase your probate house for cash quick in Tucson Arizona we would like you to speak with an attorney.  This Paul Bartlett attorney has some pretty easy to understand explanations for parts of the probate process.  Call me at 602-790-0607 if you have questions about selling your home or watch the video below to learn how we calculate the value of your Arizona Probate Homes for Sale Value Calculator in Tucson.

Do you have probate questions that need answering?  I’ve never met Paul Bartlett of Paul B. Bartlett, P.C. who is an attorney in Tucson Arizona that seems pretty funny.  Here is something that he wrote regarding why the courts get involved or why there is a probate process:

“Why is a court in charge of estate administration after death?

“The normal way that we transfer ownership of property that comes with a title is to sign the title over to someone else.  An example is signing the back of your car title to transfer it to a purchaser.  After a person dies, signing their name becomes a little difficult (unless you are from Chicago where for years the people in the cemeteries voted).  And so it becomes necessary for a Court to authorize another individual called a “Personal Representative” to sign transfers of titled property on behalf of the decedent.”  Bartlett, Paul B. “Why is a court in charge of estate administration after death?” tucsonelderlaw.com, 19 January 2016.

The address of the office is 6135 E. Grant Rd., Tucson, Arizona 85711. Phone: 520-750-1061. The Law Office of Paul B. Bartlett, P.C. is located in the Old Farm Executive Park.  The park is one block west of Costco and just to the west of the Old Farm Apartments.

Our building is on the east side of the executive park closest to the apartments.  It has a handicapped ramp.

There are two entrances to the Old Farm Executive Park.  It is best to use the east entrance that is shared with the Old Farm Apartments

You can find Paul B. Bartlett, P.C. website information at http://www.tucsonelderlaw.com/

If you want to know what the property you have inherited is worth and you want to sell it under the normal sale process, feel free to reach out to me at any of my contact numbers.

If you would like to sell your inherited property quickly and you need to know what the wholesale value of the property is worth, you can get information at the bottom of this where it talks about the “three pronged approach to selling real estate” or you can watch the video or click the following link to find out information regarding I want to sell my Tucson Arizona real estate home property fast for cash but for how much information page.

Why don’t Vancouver BC Snowbirds Need their Newspapers.

Why don’t Vancouver BC Snowbirds Need their Newspapers…Depends – Technology has made it so that it begs to be asked what Snowbirds from Vancouver BC need most when getting awestruck upon entering this beautiful Mesa AZ Homes for Sale near Elliot Rd. Technology Corridor.  Keep the floors clean any way you can cause you’re going to be in for a shock!

Source: Why don’t Vancouver BC Snowbirds Need their Newspapers.

Minnesota Snowbirds get Free Newspaper for their cages.

Totally wasn’t what I was originally thinking but still want the folks I know from Minnesota that they can keep up with their news while they are enjoying Arizona’s Sunbelt weather.

Star Tribune Pioneer Press Duluth News Tribune or Post-Bulletin you can pick one SUBSCRIPTION IN ARIZONA Two years or four snowbird seasons of a paper.

This is a property that we are selling that came to us via a seller that wanted to sell but based on timing we didn’t think it would be fair to do a wholesale deal on their home.  Plus, that wasn’t what the sellers wanted to do anyway so it is a retail transaction but an incredible Mesa Arizona Home.

Source: Minnesota Snowbirds get Free Newspaper for their cages.

We Buy Houses Tucson- Tucson AZ Fast Cash For Houses Calculator

Tucson Fast Cash for Houses Formula is ARV * 0.8 – repairs when you need to sell your home quick for cash regardless of condition and no closing costs!

To be added to the Tucson Arizona or Phoenix AZ wholesale property notification list for investors click this link.

Need to sell your Tucson Arizona property for cash fast then here is the calculator (ARV * 0.8 – repairs) you need.  Whether the home is in Tucson Proper, Major incorporated suburbs of Tucson including Oro Valley and Marana northwest of the city, Sahuarita south of the city, and South Tucson in an enclave south of downtown. Communities in the vicinity of Tucson (some within or overlapping the city limits) include Casas Adobes, Catalina Foothills, Flowing Wells, Midvale Park, Tanque Verde, Tortolita, and Vail. Towns outside the Tucson metro area include Benson to the southeast, Catalina and Oracle to the north, and Green Valley to the south. (wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tucson,_Arizona 2016.01.02).

Tucson Arizona is lucky to have the option of using a wholesale calculator for sellers that want to sell their home quick or fast for cash and the calculator is ARV * 0.8 – repairs for all parts of Pima County

So, get the regular value of the home if it were in tip-top shape and then multiply it by 80% (or 0.8) and then subtract from that the estimate of repairs that you would need to make to have the Tucson property that you are trying to sell quick for cash look like the comparable homes that you used to get the value estimate.  If you need me to get you comparable property information just ask.  You can also request an estimate for different repairs you think the property needs so you can make sure you get the highest amount for your sale.


Tucson Area Wholesale Properties AZ Update 2016.01.02

Tucson Area Wholesale Properties Homes Update List 2016.01.02 – Wholesale Homes Opportunities Tucson Arizona and Upcoming Remodeled 4/3 Near Davis-Monthan AFB.

This property is a wholesale investment opportunity house for sale in Tucson Near Davis-Monthan AFB and has quite a large amount of appeal.  You can walk to the Thunder and Lightning over Arizona Air Show that will be happening in March but you are still far enough from the runway to get the peace that you need.  If you’re looking to sell a home fast like a flip on an investment property or if you would like to buy this rental or wholesale property in Tucson or any of the surrounding areas like Green Valley, make sure to click to sign up for our wholesale buyers list and save money.

Source: Tucson Area Wholesale Properties AZ Update 2016.01.02

Tucson Area Wholesale Properties Homes Update 2015.12.23

Tucson Area Wholesale Properties Homes Update 2015.12.23 – Wholesale Homes Opportunities in Tucson Arizona and Winterhaven Video of Christmas Lights for year number 66 and you can even read through the post to either get on the list for folks that are looking for wholesale opportunities on homes that can sell slow or fast in the TUCSON AZ market PLUS if you are looking for quick cash for your Tucson home whether it be a rental or probate, you can go to HOW DO I CALCULATE WHAT MY NOT SO UGLY HOUSES ARE WORTH IN TUCSON ARIZONA OR ANY AZ PART IF I WANT TO SELL QUICK OR FAST?

Source: Tucson Area Wholesale Properties Homes Update 2015.12.2

Mesa Arizona Fast Cash for Houses Deal Saved BY THE BLOG?

Mesa Arizona Fast Cash for Houses Deal Saved BY THE BLOG?

Mesa Arizona Fast Cash for Houses Deal Saved BY THE BLOG?

Earlier today we received word that a seller was told not to be SELLING THEIR MESA AZ PROBATE ESTATE UGLY HOUSE QUICK FOR CASH to us and that they should cancel.  Sure we buy ugly houses in Mesa and nice ones as well even in Chandler and Gilbert as well as Tempe and Phoenix Arizona but that doesn’t mean that we can be lied to by anyone, not even an agent or a broker.

So, since reason wasn’t helping us out in this situation and we did want to buy the home quick for cash in Mesa AZ and handle the problems with the seller and everything after the close of escrow, I decided to blog about it.

Mesa AZ fast cash offer for houses nice and ugly
Mesa Arizona Fast Cash offer for Houses deal quick close under 48 hours goes south blog image to help all including Chandler and Gilbert AZ

What I found was that within 20 minutes of posting this blog post above I get an addendum from (Guess which person) stating that the seller has decided to move forward.  I thank goodness that the seller finally realized he was getting poor advice and I am happy that he now has learned that he can’t just cancel without mutual agreement and his non-disclosure can’t be covered up by a cancellation even if there is an “as-is” addendum.

So, now that you all know this information, if you came to this post because you need to know The Wholesale price of your home in Mesa for a fast cash deal with a quick less than 48 hours offer for your nice or ugly houses in Arizona or Chandler Gilbert AZ you can click here.

Sell your Arizona Home Fast with No Hassle Programs Available in Mesa AZ in the Phoenix Area

Sell your Arizona Home Fast with No Hassle Programs Available in Mesa AZ in the Phoenix Area – SHOP SMART WITH THIS STRATEGY TO USE ZILLOW AND TRULIA TO GET THE RIGHT VALUE:

With the emergence of companies like TitleMax, PayDay Loans, etc., we have also seen the springing up of different companies that buy houses and even ugly ones at that.  Brad Boren of Heritage Capital is a different type of Mesa cash house buyer when it comes to selling your inherited home, probate home, rental property you don’t want anymore, foreclosure bailout, hoarder home in need of junk removal, etc.  You see, all the buyers of the homes that are being sold this way should be getting their cash as soon as the escrow company can have a title search done on the house you are selling for cash quick in Arizona.  We’ve seen title searches done in as fast as 15 minutes.

What you should focus on is getting the most for your home and target 80% of REMODEL-COMPLETED RETAIL VALUE minus repairs AT A MINIMUM on a cash deal for your Arizona Homes for Sale that you need to sell quickly.

One of the easiest ways of doing this is to contact someone like me to determine what your ARV or “Actual Retail Value” should be.  Make sure that when you call the agent you do not tell them you are in distress.  Just mention you have your home that you want to sell and that you really aren’t in any rush and you want a range of what it would sell for.  HERE IS WHERE YOU REALLY WANT TO EMBELLISH…

REMEMBER, THE CASH FOR HOUSES FOLKS WILL LIKELY BE REMODELING YOUR HOME.  SOME EVEN BRAG ABOUT BEING ON TV SHOWS WHERE THEY FLIP HOUSES FOR HUGE PROFITS.  When these homes are remodeled, they get new cabinets, new tile flooring, granite countertops, new ceiling fans, new paint, new roofs, new windows, new doors, new fixtures, new ductwork, etc.  So, contact an agent like myself and just ask, “What do you think I could get for my home at _____ address if I replaced and updated the home two years ago?”  The agent will give you a round number.  Hang up the phone and call another one.  Use Zillow, etc.  Continue to do this until you start getting a feel of what your home would be worth in “Tip-Top” shape.  Believe me, that’s what we do to homes to know what our exit price is.

Now that you have the “exit price” you should be able to take any quick cash for houses or ugly house buyers that we all know and put that number on the left side of a sheet of paper.

So you don’t get ripped off on the remodel amount, you can contact a general contractor to get an estimate on what it would cost to get your home into “Tip-Top” shape or you can have a remodel analyst like Brad Boren come out and give you “off the cuff” amounts.  For example, a new roof on a house usually only costs about $6,000.00 to $8,000.00 but most flippers will round you up to $10,000.00.  Check this one out:  Painting a house, inside and outside is typically about $1.20/square foot PLUS $700.00.  That’s for both the inside and outside and a bit on the high end.

Exit price * 80% minus repairs = WHAT YOUR PROPERTY SHOULD COMMAND.  That’s right, 80% of Remodel Retail Market Value is the true FAIR wholesale price and then subtract the repairs needed and that should be your cash offer.

Always do your homework and find out what your property should fetch if it were remodeled.  If people push for an appointment, politely decline by saying that your house is a 9/10 on a scale of 1-10 and that it has granite, etc.  That’s what is expected of those “experts” on Zillow and Trulia that claim to have the best market knowledge.  Get the number for the three that show up on your property’s address and let them demonstrate to you your market knowledge by telling you what they think your home is worth at a quick glance.

If you have any questions or need help with choosing the option that is best for you in the Heritage Capital Equity Legacy Division Brad Boren strategy chart, feel free to reach me at 602-790-0607 or mark@monopolyman.com so I can help you determine how to maximize the cash you get for your home.

syaf three prong approach

Remember also that if you need to re-review the three prong approach options to selling your Arizona home fast traditionally or for cash, visit us on that link.