Mesa Arizona Fast Cash for Houses Deal Saved BY THE BLOG?

Mesa Arizona Fast Cash for Houses Deal Saved BY THE BLOG?

Mesa Arizona Fast Cash for Houses Deal Saved BY THE BLOG?

Earlier today we received word that a seller was told not to be SELLING THEIR MESA AZ PROBATE ESTATE UGLY HOUSE QUICK FOR CASH to us and that they should cancel.  Sure we buy ugly houses in Mesa and nice ones as well even in Chandler and Gilbert as well as Tempe and Phoenix Arizona but that doesn’t mean that we can be lied to by anyone, not even an agent or a broker.

So, since reason wasn’t helping us out in this situation and we did want to buy the home quick for cash in Mesa AZ and handle the problems with the seller and everything after the close of escrow, I decided to blog about it.

Mesa AZ fast cash offer for houses nice and ugly
Mesa Arizona Fast Cash offer for Houses deal quick close under 48 hours goes south blog image to help all including Chandler and Gilbert AZ

What I found was that within 20 minutes of posting this blog post above I get an addendum from (Guess which person) stating that the seller has decided to move forward.  I thank goodness that the seller finally realized he was getting poor advice and I am happy that he now has learned that he can’t just cancel without mutual agreement and his non-disclosure can’t be covered up by a cancellation even if there is an “as-is” addendum.

So, now that you all know this information, if you came to this post because you need to know The Wholesale price of your home in Mesa for a fast cash deal with a quick less than 48 hours offer for your nice or ugly houses in Arizona or Chandler Gilbert AZ you can click here.


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