What are the options available to me when I want to sell my Arizona home fast?

What are the options available to me when I want to sell my Arizona home fast?

syaf three prong approachThere could be many reasons why a person would want to sell a home fast.  The real question that you need to ask yourself is, “What is considered fast when you want to sell your Arizona home?”

Some people aren’t able to recognize that with the right plan, you can avoid having to have someone call the property that you want to sell ugly.  Just because some companies in Arizona like to say that they buy ugly houses you need to ask whether or not the house is ugly or is the offer or terms just not so great.  Rest assured that the choice you make can either maximize profit and proceeds but may take a bit of time or you can get cash quick at a fair wholesale price.

(Click here for the steps to a successful formula that will get you the most cash money fast and quick for your nice or ugly houses in Mesa AZ or Gilbert Chandler Arizona rental probate or fixer upper home even for investors)

There are many reasons people sell homes and how we help people is to allow them to choose from the three option system for selling your Arizona home fast through Brad Boren of Heritage Capital in Mesa AZ.

  1.  The first option is to have a room-by-room review and a market movement analysis done on the home.  This will help you avoid having to “fire sale” your home.  Many times, you will need time to pack and move and most homes should go under contract in 11 days when displayed and priced properly.  With some lenders, you can have a retail sale done from “womb to tomb” within 30 days.  Our room-by-room review is complimentary and no details or pressure will be discussed with you unless you like.  You can take the room-by-room review and use that to make the appearance of your property more appealing to those that will try to steal your home for 50-65% of retail value minus repairs.  Focus on trying to get 80% of retail value as that is technically a “wholesale price paid for homes in Mesa Arizona”.
  2. Option two has a “win-win” remodel partnership established.  Sometimes something as simple as new carpet or fixing a leaky patio, painting the exterior, installing sprinkler systems, putting granite in the kitchen or staining cabinets to modernize a home could add significant value to your property.  Oftentimes, you can spend $10,000.00 on a three bedroom home for sale in Mesa Arizona and have the value go up over $30,000.00 due to the house for sale going from a ugly house that folks buy to those that we call “complete remodel”.  There are remodeling companies out there that will allow payment to occur at close of escrow so this option can be structured to help you get more money for your inherited home and still sell it quickly.
  3. Option 3 is the quick cash for your home when you need to sell fast.  Since the room-by-room review is complimentary, you can have an offer determined on your home at the completion of the review.  This offer will typically represent 80% of retail value minus repairs.  Typically the amount for repairs/remodel will run about $10.00/square foot as a general ballpark number.  So, if your neighbor’s home was pretty nice and it sold for $200,000.00, you could expect our cash offer for a two day to xx days closing to be around $160,000.00 minus repairs.  No inspection period, no waiting, no changing of minds… you get your cash quickly.  If you have a 1000 square foot home, you could expect a check the next day for $150,000.00 on this example.  We do it all the time and whether it is at auction or from someone that just wants to sell quickly, we follow that formula as the benchmark to keep people from underselling their homes.

So, if you are in a situation where you need to sell quickly, determine what that quickly is worth to you.  Why should people buy or sell houses in ugly situations with offers that just don’t make sense even if you are in one of the situations below:

  • You need cash fast and have equity in the property you want to access immediatley
  • You are behind on payments and are about to lose everything.  We can bail you out as quickly as 7 hours with no credit check necessary.
  • You inherited a home or you are the responsible party on a probate that involves real estate in Arizona and you want this off your shoulders quickly.
  • Divorce is requiring liquidation immediately and you want to make sure that the finalization occurs and that the property sale doesn’t drag on and wear you out.
  • You can’t or don’t want to make repairs.
  • You need to move due to job change or family illness.
  • Renters have you to the point that it shouldn’t be as difficult as you found out being a landlord is and you just want out.

Unlike other wholesalers that have you pushed and pushed to filling out a form to get a “fair offer”, we prefer to do it differently.  How about we have a chat so you can tell me what you are looking to accomplish and how quickly you want to get it done.  I can give you round numbers and then set up a time to view the home or you can send me pictures.  Either way, there is no obligation as we know we pay on a model that is at the top of the wholesale spectrum since we need to keep the trades that work for us busy.  I sell millions of dollars on the retail side per year and I hope that I can do that for you so you don’t have to take an ugly deal just for the perception of getting quick cash for your home.


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